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“I use HomeOK to look after my 2 dogs. In summer, my home can get really hot and use the temperature sensor to make sure that they are OK.”
“HomeOK gives me what I needed. I got robbed recently, which left me scared and feeling alone. I was sleeping with a hammer under my pillow. With HomeOK, I have a camera security system to monitor in and around my home. It is simple to use, and I can sleep in peace.”
“I was robbed a few months back. I thought this would never happen to me as I do not have a lot of valuable things. They ransacked my home and took everything dear to me! I cannot afford the expensive monitoring systems or services, but HomeOK offers a cheap alternative to home monitoring. Really happy with it. I wish I had got the service a long time ago.”
“I had to get a home security system with smart indoor cameras as well as smart outdoor cameras as near my house there are many cases of property damages. With the HomeOK monitoring system keeping an eye on what is happening, I feel safer.”
“My car is my life! Parked on the street outside my home, sometimes people are hanging around it. I got keyed a few times and ended up costing me a few hundred pounds each time. I now have the security cameras to see what happens in front of my home.”

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