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Happy New Year

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HomeOK Testimonials

“This recent cold spell of weather caused a pipe to split in my garage I got the notification and shut of the mains tap preventing any major damage”
“HomeOK gives me what I needed. I got robbed recently, which left me scared and feeling alone. I was sleeping with a hammer under my pillow. With HomeOK, I have a camera security system to monitor in and around my home. It is simple to use, and I can sleep in peace.”
“I use HomeOK to look after my 2 dogs. In summer, my home can get really hot and use the temperature sensor to make sure that they are OK.”
“My solid fuel aga started to smoke at at the door filling my kitchen with smoke I was alerted to the smoke alarm going off by the app I got home and opened all the windows and doors to prevent the horrible smoke smell for damaging my home”
“I installed HomeOK to monitor my car after a recent theft from my driveway now with the indoor camera on the kitchen window ledge I can be sure to catch them if it happens again”

Additional products

Already have a bundle or built a system then why not extend your monitoring with additional cameras and sensors