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Data retention

HomeOK shall Record and store only Important Moment  Data provided by the customers Gateway and transferred to the Cloud services for a period of up to 7 Days. HomeOK will adopt proper measures to guarantee data security and a protection level appropriate to the risk concerning confidentiality, integrity, availability, and resilience of Services. Data retention shall only be performed by employees or collaborators acting who has access to personal data and agents that have been instructed by HomeOK about the appropriate dealing with personal data and have been contractually subjected to confidentiality. Data is only for use by the customer.

Service Availability

Service Maintenance

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SLA Credits

Cloud support policy

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The goal of the HomeOK Support Team is to provide specific support around the features and functionality of the HomeOK platform. Our support team may require the activation of the support slide in the App in order to access the CMCP to service assist or Diagnose service issues (Note: at no time can a support Agent see the customers Images only raw data) We will do our best to help any subscriber with their issues to the best of our abilities.

Customers receive priority support, with responses for all levels occurring 24x7, irrespective of business hours.

For any customer-specific communications about site issues, security issues, we will use the contact information we have on file for you.

Intra Technologies Reserves the right to update the service agreement at anytime

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