Outdoor Push

Whether switching camera recordings on and off or communicating the home status via voice output, the push button is a real all-rounder

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The outside push button at a glance

Permanently mounted and prepared for all weather conditions: the wireless push button can be placed anywhere it is needed - even on difficult surfaces.

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Outdoor Push

  • Operating Temperature

    -10 ~ 50°C

  • Battery

    3.0v Lithium Battery, CR2032

  • Measurement

    107 x 107 x 28 mm

  • Weight


  • Fixtures

    Glue Stripes

  • IP


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Application examples for the push button outside

The ideal sensor to control your security system without a smartphone app.

Check home status

Simply press the push button and within a few seconds you will know which windows and doors still need to be closed, without having to check every room.

Never miss an alarm

When leaving the home, you can activate the alarm notifications with just one push of a button, so that in the event of an alarm you will be notified within seconds via the HomeOK app on your smartphone.

Privacy at the push of a button

You can switch the camera recording on and off at the push of a button, for example to protect the privacy of your family.

Do checklists

Simply store the checklist as text and have it output at the push of a button in order to conscientiously complete recurring tasks without forgetting anything.

This is how the button works in detail

The wireless push button is an intelligent switch. When you press it, a predefined action is taken. You can configure this action individually for each push button.

Thanks to the included, high-quality adhesive strips, the push button can be easily attached anywhere, even on difficult surfaces outdoors. The connection and individual configuration of the push button is done using the free app for iOS and Android.

Control camera recordings

Activate or deactivate camera recording at any time at the touch of a button.

Control alert notifications

Simply press the push button to activate or deactivate alert notifications.

Control Sound Catcher

Activate or deactivate the sound catcher camera function for alarm detection at the touch of a button

Strong team player

In combination with other sensors, you can implement any number of application scenarios according to your requirements. And that with up to 40 sensors and 3 cameras per gateway.

Environmentally friendly

The Green Power sensors achieve a battery life of more than three years. You can call up the condition of the sensor battery at any time in the HomeOK app.

Long transmission range

Thanks to the optimized transmission power, you can also use sensors for large distances between the sensor and gateway, e.g. over two floors.

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