Outdoor Motion Moment Catcher

Detect movement discreetly and be notified in seconds

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The outside motion sensor at a glance

The highly sensitive infrared movement sensor reliably detects every movement outside.

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Outdoor Motion Moment Catcher

  • Operating Temperature

    -10 ~ 50°C

  • Battery


  • Measurement

    42 x 47.5 x 65 mm

  • Weight


  • Fixtures

    1*7 Standard Glue Stripes

  • IP


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Application examples for the motion sensor outside

Small, inconspicuous and can also be used in changing weather conditions.

Intrusion detection

The highly sensitive infrared movement sensor detects the smallest movements.

Persons Enter Your home or garden

In combination with a camera for the outside area, you can see within seconds if unauthorized persons enter your premises.

Garden shed

Know when someone is lurking near your shed at a moments notice

Securing sensitive areas

In areas where surveillance cameras cannot be used, the motion sensor is the ideal alternative.

This is how the sensor works in detail

The wireless, highly sensitive motion sensor reliably detects movements using a built-in passive infrared detector. The actual range depends on the local conditions, e.g. solar radiation, and is usually five meters.

The infrared motion sensor is suitable for use at the entrances and exits of buildings. It reliably detects when objects are approaching, even in the dark. In addition, it is an important part of building security and reports possible break-in attempts.

If the sensor detects movement, it sends an alert notification to your smartphone within seconds. In combination with a camera, you can check within a very short time whether something is not ok and act quickly.

The connection and individual configuration of the motion sensor takes place via the free HomeOK app for iOS and Android.


Informs in seconds on the smartphone when a movement is detected.


If movement is detected, in combination with a loudspeaker you can automatically play a signal or a voice message as a deterrent.

Movement history

The history shows the recorded movements of the last 7 days. Older data is automatically deleted. In addition, you can irrevocably delete all data at any time by pressing a button in the HomeOK app.

Strong team player

Versatile application possibilities in combination with other sensors. In combination with other sensors, you can implement any number of application scenarios according to your requirements. And that with up to 40 sensors and 3 cameras per gateway.

Environmentally friendly

The Green Power sensors achieve a battery life of more than three years. You can call up the condition of the sensor battery at any time in the HomeOK app.

Long transmission range

Thanks to the optimized transmission power, you can also use sensors for large distances between the sensor and gateway, e.g. outdoors.

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