Outdoor Moment Catcher Camera

Keep an eye on your outside area at all times

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The outside camera at a glance

The intelligent camera recognizes important events and can also be used as a loudspeaker.

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Outdoor Moment Catcher Camera

  • Operating Temperature

    -15 ~ 50°C

  • Measurement

    165 x 75 x 73 mm

  • Weight


  • IP

    IP65 up to IP67

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Application examples for the camera outside

With a viewing angle of 82 degrees, you can keep an eye on everything that is important.

Video surveillance

The camera analyzes the recorded images and automatically filters out unimportant changes, such as changing lighting conditions.

Sound detection

The intelligent camera recognizes taught noises and notifies you immediately on your smartphone.

Speech output

In addition to the camera and microphone function, the camera can play individual voice messages via the integrated loudspeaker, for example to deter burglars.

Night vision function

With the integrated infrared night vision function, the camera can be used safely in difficult lighting conditions as well as in the dark.

This is how the camera works in detail

Our outside camera detects objects in a field of vision of 82 degrees and records them. The recordings are images that are recorded at short intervals. The intelligent software recognizes unimportant images and filters them out. All relevant images are transmitted securely and encrypted for viewing in the HomeOK app.

In addition, the camera can be ideally used in combination with other sensors for intrusion detection. If a door / window sensor detects a change, it immediately sends a notification to your smartphone. With just one click on the notification, you jump into the HomeOK app, right at the time of the event, and see the status of your entire company at a glance. This unique feature gives you the ability to see who has entered the building within seconds when you point the camera towards the door / window sensor

Thanks to the built-in microphone, the camera can even recognize your smoke alarm and notify you on your smartphone. Since the intelligent software only recognizes previously taught sounds, the false alarm rate can be reduced to a minimum.

You can switch the image and sound recording function on and off at any time using the push button or in the HomeOK app if you cannot or do not want to use it for data protection reasons. In addition, recorded images are saved for a maximum of seven days. Older data is automatically deleted. After all, you can irrevocably delete all recorded data in the HomeOK app for iOS or Android at any time with just one push of a button.

Highest security standards

The latest encryption methods protect the camera from unauthorized access.

3-in-1 function

The camera with integrated microphone and loudspeaker only saves important events, detects noises and plays voice messages automatically.

Protection of privacy

The camera and microphone can be switched off at any time. Recorded images are stored for a maximum of seven days. Older data is automatically deleted. All recorded data can be irrevocably deleted in the HomeOK app at any time.

Strong team player

Versatile application possibilities in combination with other sensors. In combination with other sensors, you can implement any number of application scenarios according to your requirements. And that with up to 40 sensors and 3 cameras per gateway.

Power supply from the socket

Reliable power supply from the household socket so that you never miss an important moment.

Save only relevant images

The intelligent software analyzes all recorded images with regard to their content. Only images in which the software recognizes relevant changes are saved. All other images are filtered out and irrevocably deleted immediately before being transferred to the cloud.

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