Push Rubber Cover

For fresh accents in 13 colors for every taste.

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The Push Rubber Cover At A Glance

Set accents! Bring color into the office with the PUSH Rubber Cover. It gives your PUSH button a "I want to press it" coat of paint in a matter of seconds.

Push Rubber Cover

  • Operating Temperature

    -10 ~ 50°C

  • Weight

    39 g

  • Measurement

    Ø 75 x 30 mm

  • Fixtures

    None or adhesive strips


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Button Text

Application Examples For The PUSH Rubber Cover

The rubber cover is thin enough to easily use the PUSH button and at the same time thick enough to protectively cushion a fall from hip height. The surface of the cover is easy to clean and effortlessly protects your PUSH button from splashing water.