Motion Sensor Holder

Bring your motion sensor to the wall. Easy assembly, even in difficult places.

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The Motion Sensor Holder At A Glance

With the motion sensor holder, you can attach the motion sensor quickly and easily to a wall indoors or outdoors.

Motion Sensor Holder

  • Measurement

    Ø 72 x 129 mm

  • Fixtures

    Adhesive strips or screws

  • Weight

    81 g


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Application Examples For The Motion Sensor Holder

With the motion sensor holder, you can enlarge the monitoring radius and keep an eye on every corner. Installation is carried out, depending on the mounting surface, using the extra strong adhesive strips or screws and suitable dowels provided. The sensor can be easily fitted between the two clamping jaws and aligned to the desired area.

Difficult places

Large monitoring angle

Discrete positioning

Personal security