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Peace of Mind When Kids Are Alone

April 7, 2021

When we are talking about “Kids Alone”, the first image come to mind is the 1990 movie,8-year-old Kevin who is accidentally left alone when his family go on vacation.Kevin is excited jumping on beds, using a adults shaver and enjoying being alone as much as an 8-year-old can.

In reality, the potential dangers related to kids being alone even when your in the house are real and a big worry for any parent when their kids are alone without supervision. With the advancement in technology, having an extra pair of eyes helps especially when its secure and the data is in your control.

Compared to the traditional solutions (after-school programs and babysitter), the cost for a technical solution is more beneficial in many ways, one being the cost is cheaper and many solutions come with features that allow even more control by the parent.

With HomeOK, parents are able to setup the HomeOK service Kit according their needs.Whether the attic window was left opened, or the medicine cabinet was opened.You will receive a notification immediately and can act accordingly.

Even better, with the customized voice notification set up in the HomeOK app and system.You do not need to check your cellphone for notification, you can let your mini security guard notify the kids they are up to no good, instantly.