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Magic Pad

The Magic Pad At A Glance

With the Magic Pad, you can fix cameras and sensors indoors on various surfaces.

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Magic Pad

  • Operating Temperature

    -10 ~ 40°C

  • Weight

    14 g

  • Measurement

    Ø 80 x 3 mm

  • Fixtures


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Application examples for the magic pad

We launched the magic pad for our customers to make self-installation even easier.

We wanted to give them a solution that would not leave any marks with the installation, as many of our customers wanted to use HomeOK in many different ways.

The reusable magic pad inside adheres to both smooth and slightly textured surfaces. It offers you the option of attaching a camera or sensors for indoor use without the use of adhesives or screws. Place the pad on the desired surface, press the sensor lightly - voila!

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