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Happy New Year

What's the best way to monitor your boat ?

November 30, 2022

Boat owners are some of the most safety-conscious people on the planet. They want to know that their boat is in good hands, and they want to be informed of any issues that might arise.

That's why smart home monitoring for boats is becoming so popular. It allows boat owners to stay connected with their vessel, no matter where they are.  

Stay Afloat

The most common cause of boat sinking is water leakage. Water is a very powerful element, and it can do a lot of damage to your boat if you are not careful. 

The best way to prevent your boat from sinking is to use a water sensor. This sensor will alert you when there is water leaking in the boat, so that it will be easy for you to fix it before it causes any major damage to your boat. 

The best part about the sensor is that it can be easily installed on any type of boat and will work with any hull design or type. Also, these sensors are very easy to use; you just need to attach them and connect them with your smartphone, and then you will be alerted whenever there is some sort of leak in your boat.

Alert, protect, and monitor

A window and door sensor is an important part of your smart system that alerts you to intruders as well as monitoring doors and windows from the inside, making sure they're properly closed.

It can also be used to monitor a sliding glass door on your boat, keeping it locked when not in use. The window and door sensor is a battery-powered device that protects your boat and alerts you when any door or window has been opened. 


Snapshot technology is an AI-based smart technology that allows you to use a simple Ethernet dongle and data SIM card because only images are sent to the cloud. This means that there is no data usage worry associated with normal security cameras streaming video; let the AI do the monitoring for you.

Simply monitor your boat from anywhere in the world using a simple 4G internet connection and receive an alert if someone moves on board while you're away; receive snapshots of who is onboard your boat directly to your phone app and take action.

You can also make use of handy text-to-speech features that will be played the moment a sensor is activated 

Build a monitoring system that takes care of the monitoring while you sit back and relax.