Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

The new push button control at your finger tips

April 7, 2021

At HomeOK, whether switching camera recordings on and off or communicating the home status via voice output, the push button is a real all-rounder. This wireless push button can be placed anywhere-even on difficult surfaces, or you can simply carry it with you through the premises, staying within reach of the gateway. But do not worry, this can be up to 100m away, so unless you live in Buckingham Palace, it should cover most homes and gardens.

The HomeOK Push is an ideal sensor to control your HomeOK system without a smartphone app. Just simply press the push button and within a few seconds you will know which windows and doors still need to be closed, without having to check every room. Even when you leave your home, you can activate alert notifications with just one push of a button, so that in the event of any emergency you will be notified within seconds via the HomeOK app on your smartphone.

The wireless push button is an intelligent switch. When you press it, a predefined action is taken. You can configure this action individually for each push button to protect your family.