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Happy New Year

Could you benefit from a Smart monitoring System?

February 15, 2022

Could you benefit from a smart monitoring system?

Smart home technology has developed rapidly in the past ten years and is now more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Smart monitoring systems have grown in popularity so much that many property developers are now building smart features into their new housing projects.

If you're wondering what smart monitoring systems are, how they work, and whether you could benefit from installing one in your home, then read on!

First, what is a smart monitoring system?

A smart monitoring  system is a collection of devices and appliances that all run on a shared network, usually WiFi, that you can control centrally and remotely on a tablet or smartphone.

Smart monitoring systems usually involve connecting your lights, thermostat, audio system, TVs, cameras, locks, and appliances through one system that you control from anywhere 

Depending on how many features you choose, smart home systems can be a little pricey. But, the benefits significantly outweigh the cost, which we cover below.

Smart monitoring systems save you energy and money.

Smart systems and home automation save you money by reducing energy use by your unattended appliances like lights and monitors. You can also switch off your lights or appliances while away from home if you forget before leaving.

Programmable smart thermostats are the aspect of smart home systems that save you the most money. The system learns your preferences over time, then suggests the optimum energy settings for your home. It keeps costs down by turning off the heating during times of the day when it isn't needed.


Smart monitoring  systems boost your home security.

Considering there are more than 1100 burglaries a day in the UK, home security is more important than ever.

Smart monitoring  systems make security more manageable than ever before. Your choice of outdoor or indoor cameras, door and window detectors, and outdoor motion detectors will keep your home safe while giving you greater peace of mind.

Smart monitoring systems, particularly those with outdoor cameras, act as a hindrance to would-be burglars. Should anyone scope out your home as a potential target, the cameras and other visible security measures will serve as a deterrent, and thieves will likely move on to an easier target.

In the event that your home is burgled, your cameras will provide valuable evidence for the police to help catch the culprits.


Smart monitoring systems are highly convenient.

Smart monitoring  systems allow you to quickly and efficiently respond to any unexpected event. For example, a water sensor can detect if your boiler is leaking and send a notification to your smartphone before your house floods.

Additionally, many smart indoor cameras pickup alarms and notify you if your smoke or carbon monoxide alarms go off, which is invaluable in a fire or other emergency.

On a hot summer day, you set the air conditioning to cool down your house before you leave the office, helping you relax just that little bit sooner.  


Smart home systems are a convenient, money-saving way to provide you and your family with a greater level of home security.

If you think you could benefit from a smart monitoring  system, click here to check out our range of devices.