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What is in it for you?

  • Start building additional revenue earning for your customers that join the HomeOK membership.

  • No upfront costs for you. You offer the benefits of the HomeOK service as a licensed partner.

  • Offer your customer a quality service that benefits their lives with a hassle-free cancel anytime policy.

  • Easy to install for your customer,  usually no more than 15-30 mins, or offer the customer your install service.

  • ​The service kit has a lifetime warranty. We have a no-quibble approach,meaning your customers never have to worry about expensive replacements.

  • We offer our service to your customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and we even cover shipping.

  • A complete managed system for you to offer your valued customers, and a dedicated account manager for you.

  • HomeOK system is an Artificial Intelligence-powered Smart Home and Security combined service that is revolutionizing the way people look after the things they love.

  • Simple and transparent business model.

How the Service Kit Works

  • The HomeOK Gateway function as your mini security guard. It will analyze all information that your sensors gather.

    The HomeOK gateway will send you your important moments as they happen, whilst protexting your privacy.

  • The HomeOK camera is not just your eye in the house. Teach your camera what sounds it needs to catch at any moment.

    You can pair your current smoke alarm with the HomeOK system.

The Door/window sensor catches the moment a door or window opens or closes. But you can use it for whatever moments you wish to catch not just doors and windows.

You decide if open is OK or NOT OK.

The water sensor is build to detect water but you choose when water is OK or NOT OK.

Get notified when your plants need water or when a leak is detected.

The temperature sensor allows you to make sure all your family members are OK and the temperature is always comfortable.

Set the range of your temperature and when the temperature is OK or NOT OK.

What's included in the HomeOK Membership that
you offer your customers?

Become a partner
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What you get to offer your customer

A pay-as-you-go HomeOK Service provided using the service kit delivered to the customer on signup. The customer signs up using your unique code on our website


What's included in the HomeOK VIP Membership that you offer your customers?

  • HomeOK Service: We offer features like Sound catching, text to speech, and data delete, to name a few.

  • HomeOK Service kit  for the intelligent monitoring of your home: Artificial Intelligence computes “OK” / “NOT OK.”

  • Customer Support: Online Help Center with ticket support, FAQs, and step-by-step installation videos

  • Privacy protection: All data is end-to-end encrypted, meaning it is only accessible by the customer and cannot be intercepted.

  • 4x Moment Catcher “Building blocks’ like hardware. 1x Camera. 1x Gateway: With Multiple combinations, you can catch different moments. You can choose how to use the system. One day the back door is essential. The next day it might be the baby gate.

  • Connect numerous mobile devices: Simple sharing options in the app to your friends and family to take care of the things you love together.

  • Buy or subscribe for additional accessories: The customer can buy or subscribe to receive additional sensors and cameras. Our focus is providing a service with the hardware as means to an end.

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Simple. Transparent. Smart Home Reinvented.

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