What’s Included in the HomeOK Service?


  • HomeOK service kit*
  • Connect 40 Moment Catchers
  • Connect 3 Moment Catcher Camera's
  • Text to speech service
  • Sound catching features
  • 7 Days Moment History Access
  • Worldwide Instant Notifications
  • Subscribe or buy your additional Moment catchers
  • Hardware Membership Price
  • 10 Guest Invitations
  • Software and feature updates
  • *HomeOK service kit requires returning on cancellation of your service


Reasons to Subscribe

No Equipment Purchase Required
Quarterly Moment Catcher Vouchers
20% Discount on Additional Hardware
Customer Support
IOS & Android App
Real-time Alerts
Easy Setup to Use
Protect Your Privacy
Guest Invitations
Constant Feature Updates
Moment History Access

Frequently asked questions

How long is the trial period ?

Our no obligation trial period is 14 days from delivery

How to become a VIP member ?

Click subscribe now and complete the signup form a member of the team will verify your order and your HomeOK service kit will be dispatched

What is HomeOK's return policy ?

During our 14 day no obligation trial if you wish to return the HomeOK service kit,  simply contact us to receive the return instructions to send back your hardware

Do I need a router or WIFI to use HomeOK ?

HomeOK is plug and play self installation
System requirements are
Internet router with ethernet port
Wifi network for camera connection

Can I purchase a HomeOK service kit and not have the membership ?

Our HomeOK service kit is provided as part of the service and requires a membership plan in order to have access as we provide software updates and new features frequently

Have more questions?

Reach us at salesonline@homeok365.com

Here's the legal bit

HomeOK VIP Membership: ¥3000 per month.

The HomeOK service kit is provided to you at no cost and must be returned when the service is cancelled. HomeOK Service kit includes 1x gateway, 1x camera, 2x door/window sensor, 1x temperature sensor, 1x water sensor, and all related accessories. - limited to one per household.

Cancellation: VIP Membership can be cancelled at anytime by contacting us,the HomeOK service kit requires to be returned to our location on cancellation and outstanding invoices for the HomeOK service settled in order to close the account. .

For more information click HERE

Hardware Membership price: Whilst subscribed to the VIP Membership plan, customers receive a discount on all hardware in our online store. The Hardware Membership discount code can be located in your online account at www.homeok365.com additional hardware can also be purchased on a subscription basis from your account.
Installation:The HomeOK service kit is self-installed, with no engineer required. If any support of guidance is required, you can contact support at support.homeok365.com.

For a preview on how simple the installation is, watch our video

General:The following are the minimum requirements to run HomeOK. Router with Ethernet port required for the gateway. 2.4Ghz WiFi required for the Camera. 110-220V power/electrical outlet and an iOS or Android Device.

Email address required so we can keep in touch about your services.