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Know in seconds your children are home safe

The HomeOK Indoor Camera Moment Catcher can work by itself or in combination with other moment catchers.

They work together to give you even more options to look after the things you love.

With HomeOK, you can set up the Camera Moment Catching Sensor to suit your needs, with all of the sensors possible to customise for what you need them for. You set them to watch areas of your home where you feel they are required.

Having the camera looking at your front door, you can keep an eye out for who is coming in and going out. This inconspicuous camera can be angled in many positions to have the perfect viewing point when you need to check on your kids, guests, or uninvited guests entering your home.

The HomeOK Indoor Camera Moment Catcher will be the extra pair of eyes to take care of what is important to you. Keeping your family safe and informed of what is happening in your home.

Always know what is happening with a simple sensor at your disposal.