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Instantly know even when you are not home

HomeOK is a diverse system that helps you take care of the things you love.

We have many features and benefits that you can tailor to make your life easier and give you peace of mind.

You can teach the camera or Play speaker certain sounds, like your smoke alarm, and instantly be notified when it rings.

When you teach your camera, you can determine if it is a false alarm or not.

The camera can be used in combination with other sensors for intrusion detection.

If a door/window sensor detects a change, it immediately sends a notification to your smartphone.

With just one click on the notification, you jump to the HomeOK app, right at the time of the event, and see the status in the camera's field of view at a glance.

This unique feature gives you the ability to see who has entered your home within seconds.

This is the snapshot technology that the next-generation intelligent cameras and systems have with their own intelligent software.

Additionally, you can control your privacy by switching the image and sound recording functions on and off at any time using the push button or in the HomeOK app.

Knowing what is happening at home at all times is important for your peace of mind.

Monitor what matters with HomeOK.