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Know and take action when the temperature is too hot

The HomeOK temperature sensor can be attached in any room you need to know the temperature.

With HomeOK, you can set up the sensors to suit your needs, with all of the sensors being customizable to what you need them for. 

With the weather being very unpredictable, making sure every room is comfortable might fluctuate day by day.

With HomeOK and the temperature sensor to keep an eye on each room, you can see when it gets too hot or cold.

You can monitor the conservatory, bedrooms, and living rooms in a straightforward way to make sure that everything is cosy for all members of your family.

The HomeOK temperature sensor will notify you immediately when it exceeds your set temperature range. Keeping you and your family comfortable or indicating when you might need to take action.

You will be informed on your smartphone if the temperature moves outside a defined OK range.

The history shows the temperature profile for the last 7 days. Older data is automatically deleted.

Your temperature sensor is a Green Power sensor and achieves a battery life of more than three years.

Thanks to the optimised transmission power, you can also use sensors for large distances between the sensor and the gateway, e.g. across floors and unobstructed for 100 meters.

Monitor what matters with HomeOK.