30 day money back guarantee

Quick and easy installation process

No hassles, no hidden fees, no headaches

Monitor what matters around your home.

The HomeOK outdoor camera can work by itself or in combination with other sensors. They work together to give you even more options to look after the things you love.

With HomeOK, you can set up the camera to suit your needs. You can customize all of the sensors that you need them for. You set them to watch areas of your home where you feel they are required.

For most burglars, the security sign in the window is enough to deter them. However, an indoor or outdoor camera system will catch them in the act. Getting seen breaking and entering is evidence that no criminal wants, and it is easier for them to skip your house and move on.

Having the extra security on your patio or balcony, garden or just outside of your home. Gives you the additional protection needed to get peace of mind knowing that all is OK.

The HomeOK outdoor camera will be the extra pair of eyes to monitor what matters. Keeping your family safe and informed of what is happening in and around your home.

Monitor what matters with HomeOK.