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Know instantly and save money, time, and things going bad.

The HomeOK Door/Window Sensor can be attached to any door and window. They can also be used for anything that opens or closes.

With HomeOK, you can set up the sensors to suit your needs, with all of the sensors being possible to customise to what you need them for, allowing you to choose if open or closed is good or bad.

Your fridge is where you keep your snacks, cold drinks, favourite foods, and maybe some necessities.

You do not want these to go off or bad when you forget to close the door properly.

Setting up the Door/Window Sensor to notify you every time you open the door seems like too much, so set the alert only to inform you when you leave the door open for more than 30 seconds.

The HomeOK Door/Window Sensor will notify you immediately when it triggers.

Keeping your family safe and informed of what is happening in or around your home.

Always know what is happening with a simple sensor at your disposal.