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Know at the push of a button when leaving home

The HomeOK Push button is a real all-rounder- Fixed or mobile, the wireless push button can be placed anywhere it is needed.

HomeOK Push can be used as a button to pause or activate your HomeOK features or notifications.

You can mount a push button next to the door. A simple push of the button can indicate if you locked up correctly or forgot particular doors, windows that need your attention when leaving home.

Many more functions can be linked with the push button. It can activate a preset voice command or inform you that someone has got home.

A practical but straightforward solution to bring you peace of mind.

In combination with other sensors, you can implement any number of application scenarios according to your requirements. And that with up to 20 sensors and 2 cameras per gateway.

The Green Power sensors achieve a battery life of more than three years. You can check the condition of the sensor battery at any time in the HomeOK app.

Thanks to the optimised transmission power, you can also use sensors for large distances between the sensor and the gateway, e.g. across two floors.

Monitor what matters with HomeOK.