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Home or not, know the post has been delivered.

The HomeOK door/window sensor can be attached to any door and window. They can also be used for anything that opens or closes.

With HomeOK, you can set up the sensors to suit your needs, with all of the sensors being customisable to what you need them for. You choose if open or closed is good or bad.

For example, if you are waiting for an important post to come, sit back and just wait for the app to inform you.  

The HomeOK door/window sensor will notify you immediately when it triggers. Keeping your family safe and informed of what is happening in or around your home.

Thanks to the high-quality adhesive strips supplied, the motion sensor can be easily attached, even on difficult surfaces.

The history shows you the events measured over the last 7 days. Older data is automatically deleted.

The door/window sensor is a Green Power sensor and achieves more than three years of battery life.

You can also use sensors for large distances between the sensor and the gateway, e.g. across floors, thanks to the optimised transmission power.

Monitor what matters with HomeOK