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Set up HomeOK System up to send instructions or play messages

HomeOK text to speech can be set up to say when sensors get triggered.

Think of it as a reaction to what is happening in your home.

This can also be activated with HomeOK Push.

The HomeOK Push is a crucial tool to increase your security where you need it. It can be set up to do many things and is a diverse piece of equipment.

You set up the output of what happens when Push is activated, making it a much-needed part of the HomeOK System.

Different sensors can have different settings to suit your needs. For example, the Play speaker can be set to play certain things when sensors are triggered. If the Play Speaker is put next to Alexa or Google Home, You can specify what should happen when the push button is pressed.Examples could be, "Alexa, arm the home security","Alexa, call the police," or "Alexa, activate home settings."

Build the system you need to take care of your loved ones.