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Simple ways to look after your home

Know your domestic animals are OK!

Keep an eye on your pets

The HomeOK system is designed to suit every home's needs!

With HomeOK, you can set up a combination of cameras and sensors that work together to let you know what's happening at all times around your home, letting you know how your furry bundles of joy are behaving when you're not at home.

Know if your aquarium is leaking

Setup the water sensor to meet your needs. Is it to detect water leaking from the aquarium or a low level in your top-up sump? You decide.

Know if the temperature is getting too hot or cold

The homeOK temperature sensor can be placed in any room where you would like to monitor the temperature, especially in conservatories where the temperature can rise or lower to dangerous temperatures for our pets. When needed, with HomeOK, you can be alerted at your preset temperature, allowing you to take action when needed.

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