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Cancellation Policy

Cancelling your HomeOK service

If you wish to cancel your HomeOK service you can do by using the cancel button below or submit a ticket in order to receive the return guide for your HomeOK service kit including any accessories on subscription

You need to return your HomeOK service kit within 14 days of your cancellation request, or within 30 days if we’ve cancelled your membership due to unpaid invoices - although sometimes we might ask you to return it sooner.

Whilst subscribed to the HomeOK service if any of your HomeOK service kit or accessories needs replaced due to a fault this can be done free of charge simply contact a member of the team, You have 28 days to send back the old equipment after receiving any new equipment.

Tip: Make sure to hang on to your tracking ID or proof of postage when returning any equipment to us (just in case).

When you cancel your HomeOK Service you will need to return your HomeOK Service kit which includes the following:

  • HomeOK Gateway

  • HomeOK Camera

  • 2 Door window sensors

  • 1 Temperature sensor

  • 1 Water sensor

  • Any supplied cables and power supplies

  • Any accessories on subscription plans

Please contact us to arrange the return of your HomeOK service kit and accessories on subscription plans to the below return locations


Unit 6, Bolam Business Park,

Bassington Drive,



NE23 8AL


370 Ferntree Gully Rd,

Notting Hill,

VIC 3168

1-8-10 nakazaki-nishi


osaka pref


You will be charged a non-return charge for your HomeOK service kit or any missing accessories that’s not returned to us when the HomeOK service is cancelled by you or HomeOK, including if you’ve lost your equipment or if it’s been stolen (but you might be able to claim this charge back on your home insurance).

We will send you texts, emails or letters to remind you to return your equipment, if we have not received it. if we still don’t get the equipment back in the time frame given, you will get a letter or email confirming what you will be charged.

Note: Paying a non-return charge doesn’t buy the HomeOK service kit, on cancellation of the HomeOK service the HomeOK service kit is disabled.

The charge depends on what items from your HomeOK service kit or items from your subscription plans have not been returned to us:

United Kingdom
Service Kit
AUD $360
HomeOK Gateway
AUD $112
HomeOK Camera
AUD $100
Each Sensor
AUD $37

You will be charged for each item you don't return. For example, if you didn't return a sensor and the gateway  you would be charged £85 in total.