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Why smart home technology gives insurance companies a better chance of preventing claims.

Having a connected property for insurance is essential to lowering the number and severity of homeowner claims. Introducing smart home products and keeping them online assists individuals in maintaining the safety of their homes by preventing the risk and expense of water leaks, fires, and theft.
In the UK, smart home devices are becoming more common in each household around the country, currently over 57% of homes contain at least one smart device. By having users actively use smart home devices it was found in a survey that almost 70% of smart home tech owners have not made a single claim within the past 5 years. With 35% less likely to make a claim over 拢5,000 than those without the technology.
37.8% are less likely to file a claim for water damage.
25.6% are less likely to file a claim for fire damage..
13.3% are less likely to claim theft.
Cover all aspects of your home, not just one:
With HomeOK, you can monitor the whole home from anything that opens or closes, such as doors or windows to water leaks and temperature. Why not also take your smoke alarm online by using our indoor camera, which has a sound-catching feature to notify you when your existing smoke alarm is sounding.
Don鈥檛 Delay make your HomeOK.
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