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    HomeOK Smart Home Monitoring


    HomeOK stands out by not just providing cutting-edge home monitoring but by leading the charge in creating the UK's first smart home policy. Our mission is to redefine the future of home insurance, offering a proactive solution that enables individuals to pay insurance based on their specific risk profile.

    Our all-in-one indoor kit is equipped with a gateway, camera, door sensors, water sensor, and temperature sensor. This complete set of tools allows users to monitor and protect their homes effectively, without the need for costly security systems.

    HomeOK is committed to affordability. Unlike traditional security systems with high monthly fees, our self-monitoring solution ensures cost-effective protection, allowing users to keep insurance premiums low while enjoying the benefits of a smart home monitoring system.

    HomeOK envisions a future where homeowners have greater control over their insurance costs. Our mission includes pioneering the UK's first smart home policy, aiming to enable individuals to pay insurance based on their actual risk exposure. By proactively addressing common risks, HomeOK seeks to transform the insurance landscape, making it smarter, safer, and more personalized for users across the United Kingdom.

    Our Customer Reviews Join Them Today & Make Your HomeOK

    Excellent customer service & I’m very pleased with the quality & versatility of the kit. I bought the kit & got some greatly appreciated kind & patient help to set it all up & I think I shall most definitely be buying some add-ons. Many thanks

    My house mate got this kit and it’s super helpful and makes us all feel very safe in our home. It’s handy to check the app since we can forget if we closed windows when we go out etc. I’ve recommended it to multiple people and would definitely get it myself one day.

    Bought the indoor camera bundle a few days ago, very easy to install and has instantly made me feel safer at home.Would highly recommend to anybody who is looking to increase their security at home!

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