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What is an important Moment ?

Anything that happens in or around your home when you are not there that is important to you

Catch moments in and around your home (even in the dark),water leaks, doors opening or windows left open, freezing cold temperatures and many more.

How can you do this ?

With the HomeOK Service you can catch the important moments exactly when they happen. HomeOK is a convenient way to take care of your family, home and pets when you are not there.

Moment catching is only part of the HomeOK service. Click below to see our moment gallery and explore all the features available with our service.

Your AI. Your own setup.
Your data. Your choice

The service kit will allow you to start
catching your important moments.

One kit
One app
Complete peace of mind

Simple to Install. Simple to use.
Customizable for those who want a service to match their needs.

For everyone else, elegant simplicity ready to use right out of the box.

What's Included in your HomeOK VIP Membership?


Don’t stream your life to the cloud. We only compute on
the Edge AI gateway and send the important moment to the cloud.

Useless data is trash and deleted.

On top of that, all data is end-to-end encrypted meaning it is only
accessible by you and cannot be intercepted.

If you want to fire your Mini security Guard and end his services, simply give us notice pack him up and return the service kit.

*Terms & Conditions apply